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Including statement, one-off pieces as well as larger homeware collections. Click on the title or image to view entire collection.

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Earthly Pâte De Verre representations of natural, organic material.   Sculpture, or homeware?  Your choice.  Exhibited across the United Kingdom in 2021/22.

Denise Williams' signature sculptural depictions of tribal histories, hierarchies and diaspora.  Prominently exhibited in 2021/22.

African Sculptural Head

Inspired by the love of nature and Denise’s Caribbean travels – the seascapes embody the memories of the seaside,  bringing comfort through emblems of birds, winds, and waves.


 Keeping elegance in the forefront of the designs, this collection compliments any welcoming space.  Created in reference to the renowned fragrant spice found across the Caribbean.

Jamaican hummingbirds are believed to symbolise joy, healing and good luck from spirits.  Folklore claims that the bird acquired its name due to its erect, black crest – with the tails resembling the top hats and coats of periodic doctor uniforms.

Doctor Bird Collection-2.HEIC

Using vibrant yellow and orange, the collection acts as an emblematic reminder of the annual Jamaican music festival – ‘Sunsplash’. Saturated colours bounce with vibrancy, recognising the influence of island spirit.

Exhibition & Statement Pieces

Afro kinky.PNG

Afro Kinky

Carefully spun rods of glass incite a feeling of wanting to touch.  Each individual strand of glass can be reordered to create a playful interaction, thus allowing the feeling of said touch.

This piece has exhibited at multiple exhibitions in previous years, drawing its derivative from afro hair and the questionable necessity which prompts individuals to touch and play with it.

Ackee (smooth)_edited.jpg


Acting as a reference to the stapled fruit in Jamaican cuisine and culture, the Ackee pieces use techniques similar to those of fine crystal.  Through these pieces, Denise Williams aims to bring stature and elegance to the island treasure.

Variations of the Ackee pieces have exhibited at multiple exhibitions in recent years.  Their characteristic pods catch the curiosity of passerby's.