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Before They Came

Denise Williams' Signature Tribal Sculptures, Exhibited at Multiple Exhibitions in 2021/22.

Paying homage to her family ancestors from Benin, Nigeria and Togo - Denise uses the Yoruba language to reference the tribal kings, queens & family names across West Africa.


Made using a specially formulated chocolate earthenware clay, each sculpture is skilfully sculpted by hand - assisted with wood, rubber and handmade tools.  After drying for over 24 hours to secure a leather hardness, detailed sculpting involving lettering and verse-writing concurs.  By separating techniques of painting, glazing, under glazing & applying gold lustre - each piece is then fired at least four times.  Finally, the tribal sculptures are finished with copper and gold leaf, with a lacquer coating to seal the sacredness.

If examples below are out of stock, please contact us.  A commission of the same appearance and description can be produced.