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Denise Williams


After learning that her genealogy encompassed the Caribbean, West Coast Africa, Nigeria, Togo & Benin Regions – Denise’s exploration has developed to uncover her own identity and reintroduce the forgotten cultures of her ancestors.  This exploration has developed in to an urge for referencing pre-colonial cultural art forms, objects and lost symbolic signifiers.  Although originating as a personal motive, Denise’s exploration encompasses many affected by diaspora - whilst retaining beauty and elegance to otherwise unknowing audiences. 


Denise seeks to implement both historical and modern aspects of her findings, applying abstract ways of refining and composing materials.  Her work often incites questioning from the viewer - an unexpected emotional response to newfound perspectives, unrecognised due to the gaps in diasporic and cross-cultural histories.  The lost symbolics of her ancestors, her own cultural understandings, the open discussions – all contribute to the essence and impact of Denise's artworks.

 Denise is a multi-discipline artist holding 20 years of expertise. Working from her studio in Buckinghamshire, she produces a combination of essential objects, handcrafted jewellery, and eloquent sculptures which highlight her cultural heritage.  An emblematic reminder of the pre-colonial past, Denise introduces a contemporary relevance to the lost histories of traditional cultures - affected by slavery, colonialism, and diaspora.  Her journey is an exploration of the cultural references that link the pre-colonial Caribbean heritage to indigenous West Coast Africa. 


After previously working in corporate marketing, and experiencing two near-fatal incidents, a newfound spirited motivation developed in Denise’s practice.  Watching her extensively creative mother retire from further study (due to family commitments), Denise told herself she wouldn’t give up on pursuing her creative practice.


Upon graduating with a BA Hons in Glass & Ceramic in 2011, Denise was awarded licentiate status by the SDC (Society of Designer Craftsmen).  Her Mothers influence and commitment – coinciding with Denise’s passion for spotlighting diasporic influence, produces the ineffable focus and determination in her practice today.  

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