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The ‘Sunsplash’ collection is made from a special blend of earthenware clay.  The clay reflects soft cream hues, through its delicately designed finish. Using vibrant yellow and orange, the collection acts as an emblematic reminder of the annual Jamaican music festival – ‘Sunsplash’. Saturated colours bounce with vibrancy, recognising the influence of island spirit.


Masterfully created using two techniques, the pieces are press moulded and slip cast from a master-plaster mould. Intricately hand drawn on paper, the design is then applied to a waterslide decal paper – before being carefully transferred and printed on to the ceramic.  The designs are then permeated with 790 degree temperatures radiating from Denise’s kiln.  No two pieces are the same. Made to compliment any traditional or contemporary interior.  Hand washing is emphasised.

If examples below are out of stock, please contact us.  A commission of the same appearance and description can be produced.