Jamaica's National Bird

Inspired by the national bird of Jamaica (Red-Billed Streamer Tailed Hummingbird), the ‘Doctor Bird’ collection uses Denise’s bespoke blend of earthenware clay.  Refined to resemble porcelain, slip-cast vessels are fired whilst Denise hand-moulds each Hummingbird.  Each piece is bisque fired – before being delicately painted, clear glazed and fired twice to enhance the vibrancy.  The birds are fired for a third time, coated with a mother-of-pearl lustre – indicative of the tantalising iridescence of the island hummingbird.


The hummingbirds are believed to symbolise joy, healing and good luck from spirits.  Folklore claims that the bird acquired its name due to its erect, black crest – with the tails resembling the top hats and coats of periodic doctor uniforms.

If examples below are out of stock, please contact us.  A commission of the same appearance and description can be produced.